Peter – This company is brilliant as I got rushed in to hospital and they where there straight away for my cats . Would highly recommended this company to everyone.

Georgina – Very reliable and flexible. Great service for my ridiculously reclusive cats. Thanks Greg.

Chrissie – We’ve used Cat Man Do (AKA Greg) several times now. He provides a professional but personal service. He is more than capable of looking after all our pets (cats, bearded dragons and hamster) and he doesn’t charge any extra for more than one pet or for weekends/ bank holidays. He’s also really good at fitting us in at short notice. I’d highly recommend his services.

Jonny – Great service. They really took the time to care for our cats. One went missing just before we went away and they found her for us! Highly recommended.

Joseph – I use Greg (from Cat Man Do) on a regular basis and have every confidence that my cats will always be both well looked after, loved and played with whilst I am on holiday.
He gives me regular text updates on their ‘antics’ whilst I am away and they are perfectly contented upon my return.My cats have got rather stressed when they’ve previously gone to a cattery, so I find Greg’s service just ideal for my cat sitting needs.

Lou – After two truly horrific experiences with a cattery and a different pet sitting service, I contacted Cat Man Do – mainly because I can’t never go away and I figured a guy looking after cats for a living must really love his job and do it well. I was NOT disappointed – Greg is utterly fab. Not only did he make me feel totally at ease with regards the fact that I was utterly neurotic about my cats and how they were looked after (the horrific cattery experience resulted in a £9k vet’s bill), but he was more than happy to text me to let me know that they were ok and even put my dustbin out for me!

He may not go in at rigid or set times but he went in twice a day as requested, my cats were fed, watered, looked after and happy (I think Greg got more stressed than they did) and I can’t ask for more than that. I would have absolutely no hesitation in using Greg again (he is already booked for my next holiday) or recommending him to anyone I know – which given my previous experiences is a glowing endorsement indeed.

Sam & Dave – We have an elderly cat Poppy, of 18+ years who is now a little deaf, somewhat demanding, rather sniffy about what she’ll eat and when and needs medication twice daily (except Wednesdays & Sundays when it’s once a day) for her apathetic hyperthyroid. We can’t help but worry a little on holiday given her age & health but Greg texts us daily and she is always well on our return. We’ve used Cat Man Do four times now and really are so grateful with how well Pop’s is taken care of. Thank you Greg.

John – I’ve known Greg a number of years so already knew he was someone I could trust, as well as being friendly, good natured and house-trained ! I was however particularly impressed with his absolute dedication, diligence and professionalism throughout. It really did put us at ease knowing that Margot & Geoffrey were in safe hands during our weeks holiday, not to mention the garden getting a water too! Thanks again Cat Man Do.

Karen – This was the first time we have used a pet sitting service and obviously letting someone into your home can be a difficult decision  I am fortunate to have good neighbours but my partner doesn’t so to go away for a weekend we had to decide what to do. Greg came round to meet us and more importantly the cats he was to look after. Greg was very professional and went through everything that needed doing. The cats took to him fine. On arriving home everything seemed ok, the cats were happy and we felt we had nothing to worry about. If we needed anybody in the future we would definitely call on him again as would I if I didn’t have my neighbours. Definitely recommended.

Julie – I can highly recommend the services of Cat Man Do Pet Sitting, Greg is very professional and dedicated to his work. My two elderly cats (21 years old) can be a bit messy to say the least but he was happy to take them on. They were very well cared for and relaxed and happy when we got home. Leaving your pets and home to a stranger is a difficult decision to make but as soon as met Greg I felt very reassured and would recommend him to anyone with pets.

Rachel – Cat Man Do are a reliable and friendly pet sitting service. When I go away I leave my cats, O’Malley and Riley in the knowledge that they will be well cared for. Greg has a real affinity with cats and is able to make friends with even the most nervous of felines – as mine are! He offers feeding, tummy tickles, head rubs and the odd text to set my mind at rest. I have no doubts about entrusting the care of my cats to Greg or in recommending Greg.

O’Malley and Riley – When our Mummy goes away she always makes sure she has someone nice to come in, to feed us, check we’re ok and even give us the occasional treat! Usually we don’t like strangers but we like Greg so we even allow him to stroke us! He is by far the best substitute feeder we have had.

Culley – My name is Culley and when my Dad and Mum are away Greg comes to look after me. I was abandoned as a kitten so I have always been a little nervous but Greg has been patient with me and now I allow him to fuss me and even to tickle my tummy. My Dad and Mum can go away as often as they like, I know Greg will look after me.

Phoebe (age 6) – When I go on holiday Cat Man Do always looks after my cats. When I am back my cats look very healthy.

Mia (age 8) – Cat Man Do is a wonderful pet sitter if you go away and want your cats to be safe. I’m sure they can come around and look after your cats and you won’t need to worry. Cat Man Do won’t just care for your cat, they will love them like he does with my cats. Once I went on holiday a week after my cat Bellatrix had kittens. Cat Man Do visited regularly and they were well cared for until we came home.

Lucy (age 10) – Cat Man Do are great. They look after my cats and I’m sure they will with yours. Cat Man Do are also very reliable. Cat Man Do makes cats happy when you are away. They take all the worry about your cats off your shoulders. Cat Man Do have looked after my cats many times and when I’ve come back they have looked healthy well fed and happy.

Alice (age 13) – When I go away I always have fun but worry about my three cats at home. They need someone friendly to look after them and Cat Man Do is perfect for that. Not only do they get fed but played with and cared for very well. I would recommend Cat Man Do to anyone with any type of animal as all are catered for.


2 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Kevin and Liz Roberts

    This as the first time we had used Greg and we can safely say the service we received was excellent. We have two cats, Gerrard and Moomoo and they were both very contented when we returned after two weeks away. Moomoo in particular is very nervous, however; Greg didn’t just come in and feed them but took time to play with them both. We would have no problem recommending Cat Man Do to anyone who requires their services. In fact, we’ve already booked him again for later this year! Kevin and Liz Roberts.

  2. Mary

    This was the first time we had used a cat sitter. Greg is very professional and is a very kind and caring person. Not only did he look after the cats but also put the bins out and drew the curtains for us in the evening. It was lovely to have the peace of mind to know that the cats were being looked after so well while we were away. Many thanks Greg, we would definitely recommend you .

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